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Braeden has gotten hate since before season four of Teen Wolf even premiered, and despite season four being over and Braeden turning out to be good and not evil, she still continues to get hate. To get away from all this negativity, there will be a Braeden Appreciation Week running from Sunday October 5th to Saturday October 11th! Please show your support through graphics, picspams, gifsets, fanart, fics, fanmixes, whatever way you can show your love for Braeden. There aren’t any specific themes, just create whatever you want.

Use #braeden appreciation week to tag all of your creations.

Start planning and we will see you in October! :)

Derek & Braeden in 4.12 “Smoke and Mirrors”


When Fox News tells on themselves….
But I’m sure those viewers aren’t reading it anyway


When Fox News tells on themselves….

But I’m sure those viewers aren’t reading it anyway


Greetings! Because it is my mission to get everyone to love Outlander as much as I now do, I have made an episode master list for everyone to easily download & watch. All these episodes are in .mp4 format for easy watching & editing in Photoshop. All of these episodes are also HQ. Some are 1080p(when I can find them) & some of them are 720p. This list will be updated after each episode, as quickly as I can so check back.

PLEASE, and I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE like or reblog this post if you download any of these episodes. This actually takes a quite of bit of work & I hope people appreciate it. If not, I’ll probably just quit doing it. Thank you so much! And enjoy!

1.01: Sassenach[download]
1.02: Castle Leoch[download]
1.03: The Way Out[download]
1.04: The Gathering[download]
1.05: Rent[download]
1.06: The Garrison Commander[download]
When will white people learn that telling a black person that ”you’re really well spoken” is not a complement, but it’s more of a subtle racist affront and stereotype advanced towards that black person as to say that the rest of the black population isn’t as intelligent or articulate.

GIANVITO ROSSI Pointed Leather Pumps   ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more pointy toe pumps)


Häagen-Dazs (ice cream brand) is a made up name and has no meaning in any language.

Armadillos always give birth to quadruplets.

Pokémon holds the record for “Most Photosensitive Epileptic Seizures Caused By A TV Show.”

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” spent 741 weeks on the Billboard…

toast to clichés and a dark past


Yes, part of it was social media marketing, but let’s face it, AA go to the movies.  We have stories to tell and an audience that wants to see/hear those stories. I don’t know why Hollywood can’t admit that this is an ignored market and always act surprise when we show up to support films starring people who look like us.



Did this after having this little conversation about Abbie and Ichabod’s abilities and such….

I also think it’s important that early on, Abbie clearly fears these tunnels. But as the story progresses, she’s walking around on her phone, as if this is a sidewalk or regular hallway. And for some reason, unbeknownst to us (and probably Abbie herself), she is now more adept at sensing/seeing supernatural elements that threaten her. 

Speaking of her intuitive powers I firmly believe that comes to both Abbie and Jenny from their mother. I still think they are both dormant witches. Moloch would never have abducted them had they not had something he wanted…they are fey folk for want of better words.